Prayer of gratitude

Dear God, 

You have been so great to me. Thank you for taking care of me through our the day. I am glad even when my foot slipped you caught me. You send your angels to guard me. I love you Jesus. Thank you for being that concerned about me. Thank You for holding my hands and walking my steps to succeed in everything I do! You have been so good to me. I am sorry if I have been unfaithful to you. Thank you for my families and friends  Thank you for helping me to be kind to the poor and needy. Equip me to help and comfort others. Jesus please help me to share your gospel with everyone. Thank you Lord for all  my siblings and relatives. Help them to know you Jesus.  I thank you for everything. You have been so faithful and merciful to me. I have tasted and seen your goodness in my  life. I know I am blessed beyond measure. Help me to glorify your name. Jesus please help me to be prepared for your coming. When you come I want to be with you forever in Heaven where you have prepared a beautiful place for me. Thank You my Savior. I love you ever so much. 

With Love, Me 


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