Thank you God

Dear God, 

Thank You for this beautiful day. Thank You for the beautiful rays of sunshine you shined on me this morning. As I go about today with the busy schedule that is waiting for me.. Help me to take time in between to pause and think about your wonders and to thank you. Bless me to bless others. Put a kind word on my lips to bring a smile on someone's face today. Give me the Joy to help the people I see today. Shower on me the blessings to comfort and care for someone in their time of need. Please Help me to be sensitive to those who are broken and Hurt. Lord allow me to bless others with Happiness. Lord as I go to work, please give me the patience to do my work diligently. God please help me to be disciplined and organized in my work area. Help me not to grumble while I work. Give me the wisdom and understanding to do my work well. Bless me to be kind and caring towards my co-workers and help me to respect my authorities in my workplace. God I thank you for putting them in those positions and I thank for the humble job you put me in. Thank You God for all these goodness you have showered on me. I am blessed to call you my God. You made sure me and my family had 3 meals a day and more at my home. You have brought bountiful of Joy and Peace in my family. Words are not enough to thank you Jesus. You are my King and Lord. Thank You for everything. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.  

with Love, Me.