Prayer for the Poor and Homeless

 Dear God, 

Today we would love to take some time to pray for those people who are homeless, poor, handicapped and the needy. God may your hands of love touch them. May they find shelter, food and  meet their day to day necessities. Please do not allow them to suffer Lord. Help give us a mind to bless and help those people in need.  God please give us a listening heart to comfort and help those who are poor and orphaned. Bless us to give with what we have to those unfortunate than us. Lord we pray that you keep the homeless in your care. Comfort those who are handicapped. Bless the poor and the needy. Jesus please Help these people to find you. Lord send us to speak about your kingdom to them. Help them to see you Jesus. Take away their poverty, their sickness, their diseases, their sadness and lonliness. Please God give us a heart to help them. Lord its not because we have done any good that we deserve the best positions in life..its your amazing grace we believe. Thank you Lord. Since you have placed us in well to do positions in life please Help us to find time to pray and bless those in need. God please have mercy and shower your blessings and comfort their pain and hurt. We believe you will touch them and open doors to find you Lord. Please send us your people among those in need to minister and tell them the Gospel. Lord thank You for listening to our hearts cry for helping the poor people. You have been so good to us to bless us to bless them. In Jesus name we pray.