Hear My cry O Lord

Dear God, 

We come before you with a troubled heart. A heartful of pain and hurt. We are lost and confused in this world of disbelief. Strengthen us O Lord out of this misery of ours. Unto you we cry O Lord our Rock. Be not deaf and silent to our  tears and hurt. Help us to be watchful and in prayer. Restore our faith in You. Help us not go down to the pit. Hear the voice of our supplications as we cry to you for help. We lift our voice and hands towards you Jesus. Please forgive us of our sins. Don't remember our sins. Help us to forgive others who have done us wrong. Bless us to bless them. Give us words of wisdom to speak kindly to those who hate me. Lord we believe that you have heard our voice of our supplications. Our heart trust in, relies on, and confidently lean on you. Thank you God that your anger lasts for only a moment, but your favor lasts for a lifetime. Thank you that our weeping endures for only a night and that our joy comes in the morning. God we give ourselves, our families and our friends near and far.. please save your people and bless your heritage; nourish and shepherd us and carry us forever. We believe that you O Lord will give strength to your people and will bless us with love and Peace. Thank you Jesus. In you we believe. Amen.